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Nothing speaks louder for our quality, commitement, and our dogs then the words of our clients. From those who know us best, have worked with us, and have been blessed to bring a Bella Conbrio Cane Corso into their family... Here is what they have to say about us.


"Capo", Marissa & Anthony
To say that Capo is a great dog is understatement. He is truly a member of the family. We got Capo in August for my birthday. He was very easy to potty train and was out of a crate a few weeks after he came home. He really did not like the crate and once we gave him a bed he was an angel and stayed on it the whole night and always waited to be let outside to use the bathroom. At that time we lived in a three bedroom house with a yard. Due to the job climate we moved to a very small apartment one fourth the size in San Diego for work and he adapted immediately. We have had to do commuting back and forth over 150 miles often more than once a week and he has been a trooper and a great companion. Our biggest concern with moving was Capo and he has proved to be the last thing for which we have concern. We live in a building where at least 70% of people have a dog and he is in heaven. He is not yet neutered and LOVES other dogs of all sizes and is a favorite at the dog friendly beach. Capo is very aware of the size of the dog he is playing with and after a month in our building the people with chihuahuas were eager to have their dogs play with him. He gets attacked by the little dogs often but ignores it and goes back for more lol. He does not like random strangers that try to pet him but neither do I lol. I would caution owners that a walk down the street will take much longer than you think. In the last few days both an on-duty police officer and a bus driver with passengers have called us out into the street to ask about Capo. We are moving to a new large open loft space in the next few weeks which we are sure he will love. At the house he was not allowed into the bedroom but here there is no door and he loves sneaking into the bed with me for another half hour of sleep after Anthony leaves for work lol. We truly could not be happier with Capo. I have nicknamed him "Spoon" because he always wants to cuddle up with me lol. Just wanted to say thank you for Capo. We love him so much and he is just too sweet. He is very protective of me but he really loves to cuddle. I always know the apartment or car is safe when I am there with him or when he is home alone. That piece of mind is priceless. Capo and Anthony can play so rough together but he is always so gentle with me. We both actually miss him when we go to work lol. We could not have asked for any better of a dog.
"Sophie", Dave & Judy
We feel so blessed to have found Desi and her wonderful breeding program, which gave us our wonderful Sophie. After the loss of our first Corso “Sadie” who introduced us to the wonderful qualities of the breed, we knew that we wanted to find the best breeder who could help us find just the right pup, and Desi did just that!
Sophie is now almost 7 months old, weighs a good 75lbs (She is going to be a big girl!), loves to play, and was completely house broke at 9 weeks old. She was the dominate puppy in the litter, which provided quite a few challenges in itself, but she is so intelligent and learns things so quickly! On command, she sits, stays, lies down, shakes, retrieves toys and gives high fives. She loves to be a couch potato, yet has more energy, beautiful agility and grace than you could ever believe. Her protective yet curious nature is so endearing. The deep woof or bark that alerts us to something strange or people arriving at our door makes everyone think she is this tough dog, but her curious, playful, and tender nature comes out after she realizes they are friend not foe. She brings out the best even in people that are afraid of dogs.
Everyone that sees her can’t get over how beautiful she is; her blue brindle coloring, beautiful face, wonderful eyes and silky, soft coat just draw people to her. We can’t count the number of times we have heard “She’s so cute!” or “She’s beautiful!” And of course Sophie knows they are talking about her so she gets all wiggly, especially her back half; she then cozy’s up to them to get petted. (She has officially been nicknamed “Wiggle Butt”.)
We can’t say enough about how supportive Desi has been, any questions we have are answered quickly and informatively. In short she communicates wonderfully! We are so pleased with our Sophie. She is the true testament to the breed and the good breeding program that Desi has developed.
We can’t Thank you enough, Desi for our wonderful Bella Conbrio’s Regalo Sophia (Beautiful Spirited Gift Sophie)
"Smokey", Scott
I picked up an 8 week old male puppy (Smokey) from Desi last Fall. This is my first Cane Corso but I have owned many other powerful breeds such as Rottweiler’s, German Shepherds & English Mastiff's. I also am a foster home for English Mastiff's and Great Danes so overall I would say I have a fair amount of experience with large breeds. All in all I can honestly say that this is the best dog I have ever owned and he has far exceeded my expectations. I was looking for a good family dog that could also be a good guard dog (defense not offense). Apart from the fact that they are great looking, powerful and athletic dogs the thing I like about my Corso the best is his temperament. He is very calm in all situations even if he has never encountered them before. He has excellent protective instincts but is never unduly protective at the wrong times. When properly introduced to strange people or strange dogs he is totally fine with them. He is very tuned in to his owner and seems to know when to be cool and when to react. Also I can say that from the puppy training I did with him he is a quick learner and learns new commands as fast as my last German Shepherd which blew me away as my GSD was really smart. I have a 5 year old son with special needs and I can say that again he is very tuned in to kids. He knows to be gentle with my son and lays outside his bedroom door when he is sleeping to keep an eye on things. Smokey is an extremely loyal and sensitive dog who never needs more than a stern word for a correction. He is not bull headed like some other powerful breeds and listens very well to his owners. Overall I would say Corso's are excellent family dogs that are also terrific guard dogs. When choosing a Corso you just need to be sure to get one with an excellent temperament and for this you cannot beat Bella Conbrio Kennels. Desi was also very patient with me when I asked her a million questions about the breed as I wanted to be very sure that this was going to be good family dog. My advice is get a dog from Desi who is an expert in the breed and who will also carefully match the pup to the family situation. You will not be sorry. Cheers!
"Kasha", Cassidy
Just wanted to give you an update on Kasha, our absolutely gorgeous girl. She’s amazing, very smart and loyal. I couldn’t be happier. I take her everywhere with much pride. She attends most of Riley’s baseball games and most of his football games. People follow me around the pet store just to get a look at her. She goes from being a snuggle bug to goofy in a beat and loves to play with her toys. She has done great will all the foster dogs we’ve had in our house. She even takes the ankle biting from my moms Chihuahuas with out batting an eye. I have sent some pictures from this last summer so you can see how beautiful she has grown. In the pictures she’s about 1 year and 70 pounds, and still growing every day.
She is perfect and has completely changed my life. I couldn’t thank you enough. I definitely know where to go when I’m ready for the next one! -Cassidy
"Enzo", Jesse
Here is a fun picture of Enzo that I took of him before heading out to work one day. He has been a great a companion and Desi has done an outstanding job raising some of the finest Cane Corsos you will ever find. She has been so helpful with any questions or concerns that I had before picking him up and any questions that have came up since I got him. She is a great breeder, breeding only to better the breed with great temperaments, health, great looks and so much more. I take Enzo with me almost everywhere I go and I usually have to factor in an extra hour or more since I know that he will be getting some extra attention since everyone wants to meet him and learn more about him and let me tell you he loves every minute of it. That and everyone that has meet him is amazed at what a great dog he is and are happy that they had the chance to meet him. Most people are amazed at his physical structure (he’s pretty ripped for a couch potato, LOL!), size, great temperament, amazing coat and like the ladies say his adorable face ☺. He has a great protective drive and I feel very safe at my home or while he is in the car with me. Whenever new people stop over to the house he is a little guarded until he knows that they pass my approval and then he is cool with things and wants them to play with him or rub on him a bit either is great in him opinion. LOL!! He is great with kids all though I usually have to warn them about his giant tongue. He’s bound to try and get fresh with you. If you are looking for a great Cane Corso you have came to the right place. You won’t be disappointed. I know that I will be back,  Jesse Gunderson
"Drago", Steve & Lori
Hello Desi, We just wanted to touch base with you and give you an update on Drago. We picked Drago up from Bella Conbrio in October of 2010 and it was the best decision we have ever made. The Cane Corso is a wonderful breed. Drago is very smart and has been easy to train. Of corse he is still a puppy and likes to test us whenever he can. He can be sneaky at times so we have learned not to leave our shoes out (his favorite). We have come to realize that as long as we are consistent in his training he seems to obey quite well. Drago is just perfect for us... he loves to cuddle in the morning and then becomes a couch potato with little spurts of energy here & there. He loves to go on walks and for car rides and he just learned how to swim this past weekend. I wasn't sure if he would like the water but once he got the hang of it, he loved it. He is great with kids and other dogs and we have never once seen a hint of aggression. He's just our big lug. Drago turned 1 on July 20th and as you can see by some of the attached pic's he is getting to be a big boy. He is weighing in at 100 lbs and his paws are huge... We just wanted to say hello and thank you again, hopefully we can swing by for a visit in the near future.
All the best, Steve, Lori & Drago
"Evelyn", Blake
Desi, Thank you so much for Evelyn. She is the only Cane Corso I’ve had that actually lives up to all expectations of the breed. After 2 very disappointing issues with two puppies I purchased from another Minnesota breeder near you, I almost gave up. But after all the reading and research I did, I couldn’t believe these dogs were worth giving up on. Evelyn is the best dog of any breed I’ve ever owned. She’s very smart and learns quickly, she does great with my 3 year old. She never gets timid or aggressive against the wrong people. Overall, she is a loving pet that I know will be protective of myself and my family if I need her to be. That is all I ever wanted. I will definitely be wanting another one (male) when I get more space. Thanks to you for all the pointers and easing me through the whole process. You have great dogs. Cane Corso forever.
"Vedette", Cindy & Jason
Sorry for not getting a testimony to you sooner but I have been too busy enjoying our girl, Bella Conbrio Vedette aka Minnie (cuz she is from MN).  She traveled all the way to Costa Rica in the cabin with me on two flights and a long layover in Houston from your kennel without a peep.  The flight crews loved her - she was a big sweetie as an 8wk old pup.  She took to living her life here like a duck to water.  Never missed a beat.  Started doing perimeter patrol and guarding her turf within weeks of her arrival.  And yet, a love bug with all our guests.  She has been to 3 dog shows in Costa Rica and only needs one more point to being a Jr Champion!  We are might proud of her.  Thank you so much for your assistance and expertise in the breed!  We already have a waiting list for puppies out of her  - and folks will be waiting a year and a half till that happens!
Love, Cindy, Jason and Minnie
"Tyson", Drew
The professionalism of Desi and how she runs her kennel is above and beyond my expectations. She is very observant and does a wonderful job matching owners with dogs. I spent seven months trying to find the perfect kennel. I can tell you that I made the right choice. Her dogs come from championship bloodlines with championship attitudes. Tyson is the best dog I’ve ever owned. He has inner and outer beauty that turns heads. Ever since I left Desi’s kennel, Tyson has been stuck to my hip. I couldn’t ask for anything more. Tyson is absolutely perfect in my eyes. The only dog I’ll ever own is a Cane Corso….and the only breeder I’ll ever buy from is Desi. Thanks for everything!

"Tessa", Susie
Hi Desiree, I finally have a couple pictures to send you of Tessa. She was 7 mo old when these were taken and approx 55 lbs. We are VERY pleased with her! She is very gentle, we have 6 grandchildren under 7 and it was very important that she be gentle and she IS. We just had our Thanksgiving get together and ALL the kids were there - she handled it very well. She sleeps next to me on the floor and has done so since we brought her home-even as a young pup she would sleep through the night! I was AMAZED! For the past month she will get up in the middle of the night and look out the front window and if she sees something she is NOT familiar with she will growl. We are very pleased with that for sure! She also watches the county road and if someone comes down our driveway she will growl or bark to let us know, other than that-she does NOT bark….She is extremely quiet and 1 other thing---She has destroyed most of the chew toys that I have purchased for her and I only buy the ones that state for aggressive chewers! She has NOT destroyed anything in our home…oh, except for a sock every now & then LOL! If you need a reference in the future for any people that are looking to purchase a puppy from you, I would be more than happy to give one! We couldn't be HAPPIER!
"Titus", Ross & Karen
"Total Satisfaction" is the only way we can describe our experience with Desi and Bella Conbrio Cane Corso. Not only is Desi a great breeder, she is very understanding and helpful. We found Desi after losing our first beloved Corso, Nero. Desi provided us with the new perfect match to our family, Titus. He is a great tempered, smart, obedient, and fun dog. He behaves well with our 5 year old son, and loves to be a part of everything we do as a family from swimming, boating, playing catch, or hiking. Titus always makes sure everyone is in eyeshot, and that all is well. He is a loving, fun addition to our family. We thank Desi and would not hesitate to recommend Desi and Bella Conbrio Cane Corso to anyone looking for an Italian Cane Corso. Titus is everything we hoped for and more!
"Hemi", Natalie
I'm very pleased with this breed and espeacially with Desi and Bella Conbrio Kennels. I researched many other kennels and I felt that Desi was very knowledgable about this breed and was very eager to help. Desi also told me that she tried to match her puppies with the owners personality. Hemi is the best dog to have for first timers he is well built, muscular and very obedient. Hemi is also a very affectionate, strong companion with a good temperment. I am very impressed with Hemi's physical stature and I was amazed on how natural it came, this breed is also very quick at learning new things. I also get alot of compliments on Hemi's appearance on how nice his coat is, how good looking he is and how well behaved he is. When I first got Hemi I was nervous of how he would react with other dogs and people entering my house but he gets along great with other dogs and he does show protection when needed. Hemi was 60 lbs at 5 months old and still growing. Hemi is also very good with children and loves the outdoors. Hemi is my best friend and he is a very spoiled big baby. Desi is also very willing to help and answer any questions that one may have. Thank You Desi, you keep the Corso's breed strong and amazing!
"Bruno", Sylvia
Bruno is a wonderful dog.
As you know I have had Cane Corsos for 12 years now, and I have to say that Bruno is by far the best. He does well at day care with dogs of all sizes and loves to run the dog park off leash. There has never been an incident. He gets along well with the Parrot and the Chihuahuas. On the street he is friendly to others and is not spooked by traffic or bicyclers. He does have a peculiar taste for the bar of soap in the bathroom though. He and Izzy, my other Corso get along fine and the kitty curls up next to him at night.
If I were ever to get another I would definitely come to you.
Thanks for such a wonderful dog.

"Apollo", Dominico
I am a first time owner of a dog, so the things that I was searching for in a breed were: loving companionship, respectful, protective and loyal. I found all these qualities and more in my cane corso Apollo.

Desi was extremely helpful through the entire process and still is very helpful every time i have a question regarding my buddy, whether they were behavioral questions or simple training tips. I am very gratefull and glad that i came to Desi at Bella Conbrio kennels for my first dog. He is a great dog and friend not to mention a stud-muffin.

"Romulous" & "Pietra", Inga n Stu
In all honesty we would like say that we could not be happier with our dogs. They are extremely intelligent, obedient, great temperament, affectionate, protective and very eager to please us.
Thank you Desi for always being there to answer all of our questions. Your devotion as a breeder is unsurpassed.

"Samara", Elise
When looking for a Cane Corso temperament was very important to us, we also wanted show quality. I really liked Drazic, he is a good representation of the Cane Corso in my opinion. After we had been in contact with Desi for awhile she told me that there was a Drazic x Nanza litter on the way. I was very excited. After the waiting our beautiful girl Samara arrived home. Desi has continued to remain in contact with us and is always there to answer our questions. Samara has turned into a stunner, we get lots of compliments on her. She is such a goofy, fun loving dog who is full of life. She is also the best play mate for our Pit Bull who is very close in age. Early onthey loved to play and play. Samara is now larger in comparison to our Pit, but they still play very well with each other and truly love each others company. I'm very happy with our girl!
"Zeuz" & "Athena", Cheis
I researched the Cane Corso for years and visited many kennels in different parts of the country before I chose my first two Corsos from Desi. From our first phone conversation, I knew Desi was knowledgeable of our breed and passionate about producing a quality, classic cane corso. I have not been disappointed. Falling in love with the breed, Desi chose foundation stock from the first dogs imported to the United States. Her partner Edwin (Bioynic's Kennels in Holland) has been breeding classic corsos for many years from foundation stock imported from famed Cerebus Kennels in Italy and others. Together they breed athletic corsos with great conformation and drive, and I have two to prove it. Desi has given me great advice and answers to my many questions. I will continue to rely on her and her corsi.
Hello Desi. Just thought I would keep you up to date on our puppy. Brody is doing wonderful and training up extremely well. He has adapted into our family very well. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for selecting our puppy and adding a whole new dimension to our family. We get so many compliments on him it is unbelieveable. He is now weighing in at 82lbs and still growing. He is so active. Our vetrenarian is also extremely pleased with him and his health is awesome. I will send some more pictures as he grows
Once again thanks for such a gorgeous breed.

"Maldini", Kelly
Many thanks to Desi and Bella Conbrio!
Our puppy, Maldini, has been all that we had hoped for and more. That he is a loving, gentle pet as well as a serious worker when training is a testament to the quality of Desi’s dogs and to her willingness to spend time with prospective owners in order to align them with just the right puppy for their needs. We have Dobermans, Rottweilers, and other Corsos, but, without question, we would return to Bella Conbrio and Desi for another of this great breed. Especially meaningful to us is that one year later, Desi is still in touch with us and concerned for how Maldini is doing. Her willingness to go the extra mile is rare but greatly appreciated.

"Akema" & "Kapone", Trey & Tammy
Kapone is everything a Cane Corso should be. He instinctively knows when to be accepting of friends but is very protective of the family when it comes to strangers. He is the most obedient dog I have ever had including Rotties, Dobermans and German Shepherds and the easiest to train. Everywhere we go people stop us to inquire about his color, his size and of course to ask...what type of dog he is? Desi, we want to say thank you for providing us with such wonderful companions.

Oh yeah, we love them so much we have two Corsos out of Bella Conbrio Kennels!

"Leo", Sandi
What I can say about Leo? He is nothing short of wonderful. When he first came into our home he became an immediate member of the family! He always needs to be near whoever may be in the room and has to have at least one part of his body touching yours at all times, even if it’s just his paw next to your foot. He sits when told when people come to the door and loves to introduce himself to anyone willing to scratch his back. He has an eternal bond with everyone in the family. At times he struggles to decide who to run to! But most often will ultimately decide on Tanner. I can’t thank you enough for such an incredible dog. When our vet first met Leo she couldn’t get over his incredible temperament and loving personality. He is truly a joyful addition to our family!
"Azul", Mariah & Omar
We spent 8 months searching for a cane corso breeder we liked. Finally I found Desi at Bella Conbrio.
She takes pride in her dogs and the litters her dogs produce. She made the whole process easier then going to the post office. We couldn't have asked for a better looking dog, or dog with a temperment as great as Azul's. Not a day goes by that somebody doesn't praise us on how beautiful Azul is.
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

"Daisy", Dave
Let me say that I would not hesitate to get another 'Bella Conbrio' Cane Corso from Desi. She exercises due diligence when it comes to her breeding program.
Since I live too far to visit the kennel, I had to depend on Desi to pick my puppy for me. After telling her about my lifestyle, she was able to pick the pup that would be a great fit. My dog is everything I was looking for in a Corso.
Desi has always been very prompt in responding to any questions or concerns with her dogs. My dog Daisy has an excellent temperament, no shyness whatsoever, is a quick learner, and a joy to own.

"Titan", Shawn & Ray
Hello Desi,
Just wanted to let you know how Wonderful Titan has been. He's been the perfect addition to our breeding program. His colors turned out beautiful and people are always in awe when they see us with him. We've had him now for 2 and half years and he sired 2 litters. Our puppy people were astounded by the pups he threw.
Regards, Olympic Cane Corso!

"Enzo", Brook & LeighAnn
Enzo has been such a blessing to us. We have been studying the Corso Breed for 3 years and we are thankful to come across Desi and Bella Con Brio kennel. We knew that our puppy was going to be special and we are amazed how his demeanor and physical stature is progressing. Enzo is 70 lbs at 6 months and we are constantly getting complements on how well he looks and impressed how he behaves. We see the instinctive protection he is already displaying. It seems we cannot get enough of him as well as he cannot get enough of us.
Thanks Desi!

"Kash", Kelli & Rob
Having a pitbull and a pug in our family, finding another dog was, we thought, going to be a challenge. Until we found Bella Conbrio Kennels. Not only did we find our newest member of our family- Kash- we also got a wonderful companion and protector of our home! Desi is not only Knowledgeable of this wonderful breed, she is an advocate to keeping the breed what it is: Strong, smart and loyal. With Desi's Corso intellect, she is able to answer any questions or concerns that may arise. We look forward to a long friendship with Desi and Bella Conbrio Kennels!

"Bella" & "Maximus", Doug & Denise
Our experience with Bella Conbrio was our first venture into the world of the Cane Corso purebred dogs. Our first dog was a breed quality female. The love and happiness our female "Bella" has brought our family led to the decision to locate a worthy male, I went back to Bella Conbrio and purchased a show quality male – Maximus. Again, we had another positive experience. We could not have hoped for a better experience in getting a pair of Cane Corso’s from Bella Conbrio. Besides getting wonderful pets, we have also been fortunate enough to gain new friends in the process.

"Stella", Earl
Stella is doing well. Stella has been perfect for us. She alerts us to anything out of the oridinary, and her sheer size is a potential deterrent to any potential threats. I felt like letting you know that she has been an excellent match for us. If I were younger, I would have preferred a more doimnant dog, but I am not younger and Stella is perfect for us. I have never had a sweeter more trustworthyand reliable dog. She has always been perfect with my grandkids. Always! I am very happy that I found you and trusted you. You gave us exactly what we wanted and needed!

"Enzo" at 7 months
Owned by my friend Jess

Owned by my friend Sina Cora in Turkey.

"Gill", a Jazz daughter, owned by Ryan

"Hyde", a son of Joy

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